It’s like learning a new language

IEP, NEA, TAM, DESE, DOE, MCAS, 504-had enough? No! MAP, RATA, SWBAT, LD, ESL, ELL, ADD, ADHD, IDEA, NCLB, OCD, ODD (this one is baaadddd), OT, PT, PDD, PTSD, SPED, ETL, LTM (I never even knew what this one meant), WIAT, WJIII, WISC, ED, FBA, GED, GRE
These are just a few of the acronyms that I speak on a regular basis as a special education teacher. It’s so strange to know that I’ll be leaving this world behind in just five days. I’ve been trying to honestly assess what I’ll  miss about teaching. It’s a short list.
1) I’ll miss my beautiful commute. Daily, I pass a llama farm, an alpaca farm, and a little wooded spiritual retreat center. No highways!
2) The nerdy part of me will miss the strategies used for instruction that I’ve both studied and developed over the years. I’ll miss the formulaic approach to teaching that I’ve grown to master.
3) I’ll miss my free teacher subscription to Yes! Magazine 😦
4) I’ll miss witnessing the kindness and innocence of the teenagers at the school I work in now. My faith in young people is now restored. They’ve impressed me a great deal, and I’m a better person for having known them.
5) My co-workers. They gave me a beautiful send off and made sure to show support and understanding of my decision to leave.
That’s it! What I wont miss? That would be a book-not a blog post!
As I was running and listening to Interpol the other day these lyrics left me feeling inspired about my change:
It’s like learning a new language
As we catch up on my mind
If you don’t bring up those lonely parts
This could be a good time
It’s like learning a new language
We’ll collect those lonely parts
And set them down

About wigglesmom

38 year old New Jersey transplant living in New England. Deciding to pay attention to my inner voice and making necessary changes. I'm interested in ethical veganism, travel, hiking, music camping, dogs, reading, film, cooking, delicious beers, wines and cocktails and enjoy quiet time.
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